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We are Exotic Education, a study abroad company that helps you to find the best courses and universities in your dream country. Whether you want to study in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or any other destination, we have the expertise and experience to guide you through the entire process.

From choosing the right program and university, to preparing your application and securing a scholarship, we are with you every step of the way. Our team of counselors and advisors, who have studied abroad themselves or have experience, know what it takes to succeed in a foreign environment. They will provide you with personalized advice and support based on your goals, interests, and budget. We also have partnerships with hundreds of universities and colleges around the world, which means we can offer you exclusive discounts and benefits.

With us, you can achieve your academic and career aspirations without breaking the bank. Contact us today and let us help you make your study abroad dreams come true!

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Explore Your Global Learning Journey! From the natural beauty of Canada to endless opportunities in Australia, the innovation of the USA, the history of the UK, Russia’s academic heritage, and engineering excellence in Germany – your education knows no boundaries.

Study In USA

Study abroad counselling can help students to make informed decisions, save time-money, avoid mistakes and achieve their dreams.

Study In UK

The study abroad student visa process is different for different countries, but generally involves some common steps

Study In Canada

The university application process is a series of steps that students need to take to apply for admission to their desired universities

Study In Australia

Scholarships can help you cover the costs of tuition, travel, accommodation, and other expenses related to study abroad program.

Study In Russia

A student abroad destination guide can enhance students’ experience and success by helping them plan for study abroad program.

Other Countries

Student accommodation caters to the needs and preferences of international students who want to live and study in a foreign country

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Our vision is to become a preeminent education organization renowned for offering individualized and moral counselling services, inspiring an admiration of study, and establishing everlasting chances for both academic and personal development.  Our target is to tailor our services to meet the individual goals, aptitudes, and interests of every student. We hope to provide personalized counselling that resonates to their aspirations and needs by comprehending their particular needs and objectives

Our mission is to guide and encourage students into significant international educational opportunities as we work to equip students with the knowledge, abilities, and cultural awareness they need to succeed academically and develop into self-assured global citizens

EXotic Education, founded with a belief in the transformative power of international education, guides and supports students on their pursuit of higher education abroad. With a dedicated team of experienced education consultants, we craft personalized pathways and boast an extensive network of renowned universities worldwide. Having assisted numerous students in achieving their study abroad dreams, we witness their growth academically and personally, fostering a global perspective and valuable connections. Upholding integrity, transparency, and student-centeredness, we envision a future where all students access quality education abroad, becoming leaders and agents of positive change in an interconnected world.

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Student Counseling

Our student counseling services offer personalized guidance, ensuring you explore the best study options and discover a world of opportunities tailored to your interests and aspirations

University Admission and Visa process

Our experienced consultants strategize personalized scholarship application plans for each student, highlighting their unique strengths and accomplishments to stand out among the competition.

Furthermore Guidance

We ensure students stay on top of scholarship application deadlines, providing timely reminders and support to complete the necessary documentation, giving them the best chance at securing financial aid.

Our Key Achievenments

Choose Exotic Education

Choose Exotic Education for a transformative learning experience with personalized guidance

Extensive global opportunities, and a passionate team dedicated to unlocking your full academic potential

From expert counseling and prestigious university connections to a focus on holistic development


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Exotic Education, founded with a belief in the transformative power of international education, guides and supports students in pursuing higher education abroad.
Afsana Akhter
Thanks to their support, I embarked on an unforgettable learning journey that transcended borders and conventional boundaries.
Amrina Afroz