Choose Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world by a fair margin, but it is not only popular for its size or tourist attractions like St. Petersburg; it is also popular for its standards of education. The country is very popular amongst foreign students because of the quality of education and its diversified culture. Russian higher education is well-known for its excellence in the sciences, but it is also competitive in the humanities and social sciences. By deciding to pursue your education in Russia, you’ll have the opportunity to do so where some of the greatest artists and writers in history were born.

Russia has contributed significantly to developing the global perspective on creative forms like ballet, classical music, literature, and the fine arts. Russia is home to some of the most well-known cultural luminaries in the world, including Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, Plisetskaya, and many others.

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More about Russia

The country that expanded to 17.1 million km square has 144.4 million people living in it. 776 universities in the biggest nation in the world are additionally accessible to students from abroad!  Moscow State University, the country’s first university, was founded in 1755 and is located in Russia’s vibrant, contrast-filled capital city, Moscow.  From all over the world, there are about 250,000 international students studying in Russia.

Since the last two decades of rapid development, Russia has undergone significant change from the Russia that your parents may have known.

We have talked about Russia’s excellence in science and its contribution to art, but in business studies, Russia has improved over time, adopting a different curriculum that suits the modern business world. For some, Russia may be an “off the beaten path” study abroad location, but that makes it more fascinating for you. Russia is constantly expanding its opportunities for international students.